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Since 2007, Whole Self Design is an organization committed to helping individuals and corporations achieve their potential and goals. We do this by offering workshops, seminars and group and individual coaching sessions.  Whole Self Design specializes in the areas of Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Business Start Up and Business Credit Building.


Workshops- Small group settings with no more than 20 participants. We have numerous topics available and are willing to design workshop topics to fit your individual or corporate needs. Workshops are informational, usually allowing intense discussion and exercises to assist with “break troughs” in personal and professional development.     

Seminars- Larger group activities whereby groups of 20 or more will listen to a speaker or panel and have an opportunity to ask questions of the panel or lecturer. Whole Self Design is committed to offering a seminar once a year. We are committed to offering a seminar the second weekend in November, 2019 or before Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving appears to be our forgotten holiday. Whole Self Design founder uses Thanksgiving as an opportunity to demonstrate gratitude for those things we have as we also do during the Advent season. 

Coaching- Individual and group coaching - WSD does not initially offer group coaching in the life coaching area. We respect individual process and allow each person to work through the issues that prevent them from reaching their potential. However after 3 months of life coaching or 12 coaching appointments, individuals are generally ready to participate in group sessions should they choose. 

Individual Coaching -This allows the coach and participant to experience intensively focused work. It cost more than group coaching but we are committed to getting the participant prepared to participate in group work should they choose. 

Group coaching - This option is for those who are interested in career transitioning, pursuing careers in the same industry or starting a business and building business credit. All groups start with the big picture in mind,  then members are supported as they focus until they fine tune their situations to meet their specific goals. 

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